The Hallows have been accused of being unique and not sounding like anyone else on the current music scene, and that’s just the way they like it. They buck against the trend of conveyor belt pop that seems to have become so commonplace and love nothing more than taking good pop and putting a dark, ethereal and sometimes menacing twist on it.


The Hallows have recently completed a triumphant UK tour that has seen them perform songs taken from their critically acclaimed debut album "Of Time And Tides".


They have supported Big Country & Courtesans and their erudite lyrics, unconventional instrumental lineup and ferocious live performances have earned them rave reviews from all quarters of the music industry.


The three piece are busy performing live and working on a new music set for release in 2019…


Here is what the critics have to say:



“The singer keyboard player is a star in the making. The songs have an individual character and expressed engagingly. A bit Kate Bush? Yes. A tad Muse? Yes! But, when two forces collide a third force is born. All Hallow The Hallows!”- (Daily Express)

“The Hallows melded the dreamy melodic sensibilities of London Grammar with a more forthright, keyboard-driven rhythm section. But it was the engaging stage presence and perfectly pitched voice of Sarah Rodriguez that drew the eyes and ears” - Andy Rawll (Record Collector Magazine)




“Their subtleties in both lyrics and harmonies, the way they have carefully crafted each track and their love of music means the songs they produce are exquisite to the ear, music to lift the soul.” - Charles Kitson (The Rapture Effect)

“This is rich, lively music from clever people – soaked in melody, the songs rise and fall with a regal touch that somehow avoids pomposity.” - Pete Sergeant (Just Listen To This)






“One of the best Alternative-Pop bands in the country right now" - Sam Liddicott (Music Musings and Such)





"It's an admirable album; potent and unique” - BritzNBeatz