The dark art of mastering…

  February 21, 2016

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When you’ve spent weeks, months, even years writing, rehearsing and recording your songs, you want them to sound as good as they possibly can before you come to release the album for the whole world to critique. This is where mastering comes in. 

Mastering is the final step in an albums production and is an essential one in bringing the audio quality of your work up to a level that will present well across all different formats, be it radio, internet stream, CD or iTunes Download.

Other than that, we really can’t tell you much more about what mastering is. Seriously, it really does seem like some kind of dark sorcery. Imperceptible button pushing and dial tweaking is followed by quickly switching between tracks and then repeating this process. All while we sit and listen and look confused. However we can tell you that the difference between what we brought to our mastering session (which to our ears already sounded great!) and what we left with was incredible. 


Who was the wizard behind all of this? That man was the brilliant Andy “Hippy” Baldwin at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick, London. We feel very lucky to have worked with Hippy on the album as he is both a very talented man and a very cool guy to boot. Andy has worked with some amazing artists in the past including Blur, Coldplay and The Who to name just a few so we were indeed privileged to have his expertise on our project. 

The whole day that we spent at Metropolis with Andy (and Seb who always joins his bands for the mastering stage) was a huge amount of fun and very enlightening and we have to say that we are really looking forward to going back soon be it for a re-master for vinyl (let us know if you would be interested!) or for album two! 

You can find more info on Andy and Metropolis at the link below: