Our road trip for a photoshoot…

  May 16, 2016

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A road trip, one million costume changes (slight exaggeration), great photos and fantastic curry…

Why would you drive for nearly 6 hours just to get your photo taken? (Apologies to any of our non-UK fans, but 6 hours is a long drive for us…)

The answer, is you make said drive so that you can work with a very talented individual. That individual is a man named Dominic Burd and once again we count ourselves very fortunate to be working with someone with such creative vision and passion. Dom is a very experienced photographer with a fantastic eye for interesting locations, angles lighting and composition. He is also great company, very funny and as Joe had worked with him before we had no doubt that the journey would be worth it.

We set off for Dom’s home town of Plymouth on a Friday evening. Big mistake. Rush hour traffic. 6 hours later we arrived in high spirits (ish) and settled into our hotel for some beauty sleep (ha!). The following morning we joined Dom who took us off on a trek into Cornwall to find what he had promised was a very interesting and unique location for our first shoot. He was not wrong. Where we ended up was an old, near derelict, abandoned clay processing factory. Glamorous surrounds indeed, but the place really was beautiful, graffiti and all!

The old roof had fallen through in many places which provided a fabulous quality of light to the building interior. Nooks, crannies, stairwells and overgrown vegetation combined with some luck with the weather meant we got some fantastic shots and you can see some of these below. The only difficult part of the day was changing clothes without getting covered in clay dust… Sarah however, was well practiced at this by the end of the day! ;-P

Saturday evening was set aside for treating Dom to dinner and a few drinks as a thank you for working with us. He took us to his favourite curry house in the town centre and we have to say it was some of the best we have eaten. Dave and Dom share a love of chillies (and indeed cooking in general) and Dave was so enthused about the manager’s Naga chilli paste that he got talking to him and is now a privilege card holder! Shout out to The Eastern Eye!


Sunday’s shoot was in Dom’s studio and was a very different one from the day before. We had some fun taking shots using mirrors which proved to be really interesting. Some of the shots were horrible – definitely not Dom’s fault, seeing yourself backwards can be quite unnerving! – and some were brilliant. See above and let us know what you think! We are very much looking forward to working with Dom again in the near future and really hope that you all love his work as much as we do.