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A road trip, one million costume changes (slight exaggeration), great photos and fantastic curry… Why would you drive for nearly 6 hours just to get your photo taken? (Apologies to any of our non-UK fans, but 6 hours is a long drive for us…) The answer, is you make said drive so that you can … Continue reading “Our road trip for a photoshoot…”


The dark art of mastering…

  February 21, 2016

When you’ve spent weeks, months, even years writing, rehearsing and recording your songs, you want them to sound as good as they possibly can before you come to release the album for the whole world to critique. This is where mastering comes in.  Mastering is the final step in an albums production and is an … Continue reading “The dark art of mastering…”


Guest musicians…

  December 21, 2015

Being a three piece band has it’s advantages. It has been easier to bounce ideas around quickly. It has been far easier to arrange rehearsals. Each of us has the space to express ideas. The bar tab is slightly smaller. Slightly… A lot of the time, less is more. But sometimes, more is better… That … Continue reading “Guest musicians…”


Recording the album…

  November 21, 2015

Writing and recording our debut album has been quite a journey for us. The three of us have been playing and writing music together for about ten years but it wasn’t until three years ago that we decided to focus on “The Hallows” in its present form. Our goal was to write music that would be interesting for many different people … Continue reading “Recording the album…”