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“The Hallows” are an English Alternative Pop band that formed in London in 2014, consisting of Sarah Rodriguez (vocals/keys/synths), Joe Rodriguez (Drums) and Dave Pugh (Bass).  The band name originates from a lyric found in the first single from their debut album.  According to Joe, “We had spent so long without a name, I woke up one morning and it suddenly seemed an obvious choice.  It is believed that a representation of the four elements, air, fire, earth and water are also known as hallows.  The elements feature strongly within the lyrics of the album so we all felt the name was a good fit.”The vision for The Hallows was simple; to create punchy, atmospheric pop with a big sound.

Being a three piece band has it’s advantages. It is easier to bounce ideas around quickly, arrange rehearsals and have the space to express ideas. Plus the bar tab is slightly smaller. Slightly…

Sarah, Joe and Dave were all born into musical households.  Sarah began playing the piano as a young child, initially taught by her Granny, and later found inspiration in the music of Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley and Tori Amos whilst also gravitating towards the music her parents love which includes Fleetwood Mac, ACDC and Pink Floyd.  Sarah has a passion for live performance and has had the opportunity to play with other acts at renowned festivals including Glastonbury, SXSW, Iceland Airwaves, Latitude, The Secret Garden Party and The Big Chill.

Joe’s passion for the drums began when his parents played him the anthemic drum beat of Queen’s We Will Rock You and was cemented later by listening to bands such as The Police, Radiohead and The Smashing Pumpkins. Joe was taught Drums’s by his uncle and has had the love for playing live ever since. His dedication to music is unquestionable and his enthusiasm for performing is undeniable, as such, he has recently been added to the Odery Drum Companies roster of endorsed International artists.

Dave’s approach to bass is inspired by many varied sources. As well as a rather eclectic mix of favourites from Motown to heavy rock bands such as Rage Against the Machine and The Foo Fighters, he spent many hours trawling through his dad’s DJ record collection and vividly remembers digging out the records of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Cream, bands which have undoubtedly influenced his bass playing. In addition, Dave’s mum is a classically trained pianist and choir master and even to this day, the music of Beethoven remains an influence.

It was after eighteen months of writing and experimenting that they jumped into the recording sessions for their debut album.  The album was produced by Seb Pecchia at Riverside Studios in Bath and mastered at Metropolis Studios by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin.

Since the album’s completion, the Hallows have been busy building their fan base, gearing up for their single releases and, ultimately, the album launch later this year.

Visit their Facebook PageYouTube Channel or Soundcloud Page to hear more from “The Hallows” and watch this space, big things are coming in 2016.